One year, three projects and endless of opportunities

The key with the Tech Trainee programme is that you get to test out what works for you with three different projects. The one-year journey lets you work with the finest technologies together with our experienced software developers in one of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe. This way you can really figure out the right direction for you. Once the year is over, you’re offered a permanent position based on what you want to develop further in.

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The perks of being a Tech Trainee

Three inspiring projects

You’ll be assigned to three projects in three different Visma product teams throughout your year. If you’re up for it, one of them can be based abroad. You’ll work on new and innovative technologies.

Extensive training and courses

Dig into training and courses relevant to your development. You’ll also be part of networks, gatherings with other trainees and tech communities. This will give you a steep learning curve to follow DevOps principles in autonomous teams. 

360 backing and support

In addition to the experienced development teams you’ll be joining, support can also be found in your buddy and personal mentor – helping you meet your professional goals and stake out your tech career path.

Build a high tech network

Together with colleagues from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands, you’ll take part in a large network of brilliant tech minds with unique expertise and skills.

Permanent job

Once the programme has come to an end, you’re guaranteed a permanent job – based on what you enjoy doing the most. We’re thrilled to welcome you as a tech talent into our Visma family!

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Your development actually makes a difference

One of the many beautiful things about being a tech person at Visma, is that you get to develop solutions that people really need. We’re talking mission-critical software, the solutions that keep the wheels going. Whether it’s the large municipality or the local business owner on the corner – we’re all here to bring society forward.

A few examples of what our trainees have been working on the past years:

  • Prediction models and replacing Google Maps
  • Data analytics as a business-critical tool
  • Making invoicing tasks a thing of the past

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Our technologies, tools and methods

At Visma we aim to use the newest cloud technology and frameworks to improve the operations of our customers. We also believe the autonomous team is linked to success. Teams should be as autonomous as possible and make their own priorities – this is how we develop the best products for our customers. Examples of what you can work with:

  • Public cloud platforms (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform)
  • Programming languages (Java and C# .NET)
  • Front-end technologies (Angular, React, Kotlin)
  • Mobile technologies (React Native, Xamarin)
  • Database technologies (MySql, MS SQL, MongoDB)
  • Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)

Working as a developer at Visma

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