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Meet our colleagues: Henna & Marvin

  • "I started out as a junior project manager and did quite a lot of different things, especially in the beginning when we were still a smaller company"

    Henna, Sales Team Manager

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  • "We go out for drinks with each other after work, and I feel like we’re more of a community than a place to ‘just’ work"

    Marvin, Sales Manager

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Your job in sales: What to expect?

Our solutions make a difference. That’s one of the many beautiful things about working with sales at Visma: You get to deliver solutions that people really need. We’re talking mission-critical software, the solutions that keep the wheels going.

Everyone working with sales at Visma shares the same drive to simplify other people’s lives. We’re all unified by the ability to be a helpful consultant to our customers, whether it’s the large municipality or the local business owner on the corner. Find your perfect match in our ocean of solutions!

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“Our job isn’t about doing hard sales and closing deals, but rather being a trusted advisor, building long-term commitment and strong relationships to our customers.”

In between marketing and customer experience

On both sides your colleagues have got your back! We have hyper professional marketing teams, meaning you’ll be continuously nurtured with sales qualified leads – and all your closed deals are further cared for by our marvellous customer experience teams. This gives you more time to excel at what you do: getting to know our prospects better, understand their needs and match them with their best Visma fit.

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Visma is the place where thousands of creative minds gather to create innovation. Here you get the best opportunity to develop and unfold. Get a taste of what it’s like to work with us!

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