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If you’re looking for the right next step in your career, Visma is a very exciting place to be at the moment. The past few years we’ve gone all-in on AI investments, introducing new colleagues, dedicated teams and companies serving both our companies, and our customers.

One of the things that make AI at Visma exciting, is the scale we’re working at. We’re solving essential business problems for millions of people – and our AI projects are scaled to match. Visma’s research in document understanding is based on state-of-the-art independent research. And the only reason this is possible, is the rapid pace we’re working at.

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How we develop tomorrow

Two things fuel today’s AI revolution: The first is massive data sets to train the extensive language models essential for projects, such as OpenAI and Stable Diffusion. The second is massive computational resources to process these big data sets.

Developing with us means developing a better tomorrow. You’ll identify relevant business problems, experiment with different models and approaches, conduct PoCs, work with DevOps, and make the final models available in the cloud through our APIs. Some of the methodologies and methods you’ll work with are:

  • Mathematical optimisation
  • Heuristic algorithms
  • Deep learning
"I wasn’t aware of the enormous social responsibility we take on. With such critical software, ranging from the public to the private sector, we play a role in the success people achieve, how they operate – almost regardless of your field and your industry."

Martin, Managing Director

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AI, software development, and data science

Do you want to be able to work with software development, data science and optimization all at the same time? That’s great – working as an AI developer could be just right for you. These areas and expertises depend heavily on each other, and at Visma, the lines are blurred. We need skill sets across the board to develop great software – from coding to analysis. And everything in between!

Data Science at Visma

Software Development at Visma

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