Life at Visma

What's it like to be an employee at Visma, and what can you expect? Here's our core promise to our 14,000 colleagues:

Work life like never before


Make an impact
from day zero

From the very first day you step into the office, you make an impact on people, businesses and society. On day one, you’ll feel it. On day two, you’ll see it.


Everything starts
with an idea

We welcome all perspectives and ideas to the table – giving you plenty of room to try, experiment and sometimes fail. Big innovations usually start with a loose thought.



We’re all flexible here

Fancy a lunch run every Monday? Go for it. Need to pick up your sure-I-can-climb-this-tree child? Gotcha. Take care of what matters most. You know when and how you perform your best.

We celebrate learning

We’re all here cheering for you – giving you feedback along the way. When we succeed, we celebrate our achievements. When we don’t, we celebrate learning.


Come as you are

We insist that you come as you are. Your unique experiences, personality and how you see the world are vital to us all. Your touch is needed!


A home away from home

Spending half of our awake time in each other’s company, we know how to care for and appreciate one another. At Visma, we treat our workplace like a home away from home.


An ecosystem of opportunities


Adventures around every corner

Belonging to a global company with a strong start-up mentality, your next opportunity is right around the corner. Whether it’s jumping to a new Visma company or trying out a new discipline, we help you plan the route to get there.


We invest in you

Engage in our learning communities, develop your skills and learn from colleagues across cultures, disciplines and personalities. Whatever it takes to keep you growing – you’re invited and we’re invested.


Leaders who have your back

We know people follow leaders not companies, and a great leader can have a big impact on your career. Here, you will be met by engaged leaders that care and root for you – every step of the way.

We are Visma

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Meet your future colleagues

With thousands of co-workers across almost 30 countries in Europe and Latin America, there are a million ways we could tell you about our culture. We could tell you about how "every day is unique" or about "the endless possibilities", but what difference would it make? Hear from some of our amazing colleagues instead!

Ashwini, Software Development

"There was also a growth plan for me, and I could speak to my manager about my aspirations"

Marvin, Sales

"Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean it’s sustainable"

Nadia, Customer Experience

"I think technology is broader than we expected it to be in the beginning"

Mattis, UX & Design

"If you have a great idea, you can go ahead and do it. You hear that in a lot of companies. But here it's actually true"

Anders, Management Trainee

"In elementary school I even learned to memorise over 150 decimals of pi"

Ioana, Data Science

"I thought ‘this is my chance’. And it turned out to be"

Amanda, UX & Design

"I looked into how I could combine psychology and design, and eventually found interaction design"

Henny, Marketing & Brand

"Or as my boss says: if we can make it here, we can make it anywhere"

Henna, Sales

"I feel like I sound quite anti-Finnish when saying that everything is fine and great"

Lilja, Data Science

"To be honest, I never thought I’d end up here"

Frida, Trainee

"Every day has been different, every project has been different, and I work with different people all the time"

Petteri, Customer Experience

"Even if you don’t understand 100% what you’re doing, just grab the opportunity”

Libaan, Marketing & Brand

"I loved sales, but hated being on the phone"

Jan, Software Development

"Already the first week you’re fixing a bug or a small feature"

Lennart, Software Development

"Almost all of my colleagues have been running a company"

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